domingo, 3 de xuño de 2018


Thinking about the world that surrounds us helps find out hidden details which give a lot of information about the environment we live in and about the related culture.
When asked about doing some work for the “Earth Project” our school is involved in, we decided to start by analysing a little bit what a person needs for a living and, then, proceed to compare what we have here in our city, Ferrol, and our region, Galicia, with the kind of buildings, facilities and urban decoration we could find on a recent exchange of students with the city of Prague in the Czech Republic.

The ideal house for all social classes: Alba, Antía and Judith.
All human beings deserve a place where they can live, we mean some kind of covered space where you can develope all your daily activities, like sleeping, having meals, etc., in a comfortable and safe way. We don’t mean you need something expensive but yet the space needs a minimum characteristics so that it fits the needs of a person.

We think that the best house or flat for everybody has to have a minimum of a room for each person. It must include a bed, a piece of furniture that’s used for keeping the pieces of clothes and the belongings of the person and, of course, it needs some ventilation as well to make it safe and healthy. It needs a bathroom too, with good hygienic conditions so it must be clean and it should have a washbasin, a shower and a WC. There must be a kitchen so that the people who live there can cook food and store it. The kitchen must have some minimum hygienic conditions as in the previous case so that the stored food won’t be contaminated and become harmful to its inhabitants. It’s convenient as well that there is a place where you can relax as, for example, a living room with a sofa to be able to watch TV or to get some kind of entertainment for a while. Obviously, in the house or flat, there must be a place to eat meals but this is not so important as you can do that in a small place in the kitchen or, otherwise, you can have a dining room. Electricity to provide some light, water to keep the hygiene at home and gas or any other heating system are necessary so that a person can live in good conditions.

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The past: Aïcha, Jose, Daniel Pérez.
Years ago, Galicia was a rural region and many people used to live in their own houses in small villages or in farms. The distribution of space in those houses was quite different to the ones we have today as both people and animals used to share the same building, the house. The hygienic conditions weren’t as good as they are today because the animals used to live on the ground floor and the family in the first floor or in adjacent rooms separated from the barns. There used to be a large kitchen where you lit a fire to cook meals in ancient iron cookers which, at the same time provided heating to that room and to the one located in the upper floor. In terms of heating, lets say that they were more environmentally friendly as it was obtained from natural sustainable resources but houses weren’t well isolated so a lot of the heat escaped.

Houses or flats in Prague: Nuno, Daniel Ardao, Sandra.
In our opinion, normal houses or flats are bigger in Prague than in Ferrol.
In some houses, there are two bathrooms, one with a toilet and another one which has the rest of facilities like a bath, a washbasin, etc. It’s quite frequent to have a towel heater there as well and they use it every day.
Everywhere, the heating is much higher than in Ferrol and it’s really hot in all buildings because they also have a very efficient isolation system. It’s normal as the weather is much colder there than here as we could notice when we visited the city.

Transport in Prague:

Public transport in Prague is impressive. There were trains, trams, buses and the tube. Whatever system you chose used to come very frequently like, let’s say, every five minutes. Ir was very well organised. You just have to pay the fare to get a transport card once a month and, then, you can use any of them without restrictions if you carry it with you.

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